Work with Me

Why work with me?

I am a Business Management Graduate, a passion for chatting and customer service. I love people and love to talk about things we as a family do, play with and enjoy. This coupled with my Business Skills make me a great ambassador for your products and services. I am always interested in collaborating with brands with reviews here on my blog, videos for Socials and posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. With a social reach of 5k+ and Pinterest monthly views of 4.3k through my target niche of parents I feel your family products and services will be featured to the right audience.

With 6 of us there are a huge range of interests in the house. I love anything food, business, books, geeky, financial and educational items. My husband and son are into anything Marvel, Star Wars or Harry Potter so Comic stuff or gaming is a huge favourite in our house. Summer and Ruby love anything girly, crafting and beauty. Kylo loves anything an average 18 month old boy does so building stuff, cars, diggers, Trains and eating! We all love travelling as a family and I have reviewed many places on Trip Advisor. I have a readership of 65,000 which shows that I write great reviews.

Summer and Ruby love dressing up, singing, dancing and fashion accessories. They are represented by @StarCastingUK in Leeds and have been in a few independent films.

I have a space on my side widget on this website for an advertiser however I will only link to websites that either sell toys and games or travel websites as most of what I write about will be Parenting stuff and travel. I only write and review what we are interested in and I like to work with brands and develop relationships in order to continually promote their products as I don’t want to be one of those people who take the money or product do a post and then never mention the product again, if I am reviewing its because I like the product or service and I am happy to continue promoting.

In 2019 we are going through many house renovations, adding an extension, moving walls and redecorating. We will also be attending the Renovation Show 2018 so if you want to feature any Home Décor products suitable for any rooms in the house for review, pictures and shared on socials happy to do this on a gifted product basis. I also have my own Home Inspiration board on Pinterest so products and website links will be shared their too.

So that is all from me – Get in touch using the contact page and I look forward to hearing from you.